5 Best Walk-In Tubs of 2022

Walk-in tubs are excellent for those who have mobility issues, but they’re also suitable for anyone who wants to get into a bathtub without the danger of slipping. If you’re interested in buying a walk-in tub for yourself or a loved one, you’re probably wondering what the best ones are.

The 5 best walk-in tubs of 2022 are:

  1. Boca walk-in tubs
  2. American Standard walk-in tubs
  3. Kohler walk-in tubs
  4. Ariel walk-in tubs
  5. Ella walk-in tubs

These tubs are all great choices, and I’ll discuss each in great detail throughout this article. I’ll also discuss what makes a walk-in tub worth the money, so read this article to learn more.

1. Boca Walk-In Tubs

One of the best walk-in tubs you can buy is a Boca tub. There isn’t one specific tub to recommend because each one is tailor-made. They’re also American-made and come with a lifetime warranty. On top of that, you can choose either white or cream and finishes including:

  • Bronze
  • Brushed nickel
  • Chrome.

These walk-in tubs also come in seven different sizes, so you can customize them the way you want.

Boca constructed this tub using high-quality material, making them well worth the price. Materials include marine-grade gel and fiberglass, according to the Boca homepage.

Boca bathtubs feature a 2-inch step, making them easy for anyone to step inside. Although most steps are 2 inches tall, some of the steps are even shorter than this. 

Boca bathtubs are some of the safest on the market. The tubs are slip-resistant and have handrails that are easy to hold. You can add extra features to your Boca bathtub, such as air jets or massage features. 

If added features are important to you, here are some of the ones you can add to your Boca bathtub:

  • Self-cleaning features. You can add self-cleaning features to reduce the risk of bacterial growth after each bath use.
  • Light therapy. Make your bathing experience more fun and relaxing by adding lights.
  • Heated seat. If you want the ultimate comfortable experience, you can add heat to the bath seating—this is perfect if you want to spend a while in the bath while reading or relaxing.
  • Bidet. If you don’t already have a bidet, you can add one to your Boca walk-in bathtub.
  • Shower system. Baths are great, but it can be handy to have a shower head installed, too. Luckily, you can install an overhead shower above your Boca walk-in bathtub.
  • Speakers. You can install a sound system if you want to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while you bathe.
  • Custom colors. If the style is essential to you, you might be able to choose some custom colors for your bath.

These added features are just some of the ones available. However, extra costs are involved if you want to add things, so be aware before making any orders.

If you’re interested in learning more about Boca walk-in tubs, you can learn more at Southeastern Walk-In Tubs. With the help of this place, you can purchase your perfect Boca tub and have a more comfortable bathing experience.

2. American Standard Walk-In Tubs

Although Boca tubs are excellent, another brand to consider is American Standard. This company also manufactures safe and comfortable walk-in tubs with the option of add-ons. 

There are many benefits to American Standard tubs. For example, you can choose different door options–this is particularly good for people with mobility issues.

These tubs come with seating, making them a safe space for you to bathe. Like the Boca bathtubs, there are also add-ons available for these tubs. Here are some examples:

  • LED lights. You can add LED lights to your American Standard walk-in bathtub if you’re interested in light therapy.
  • Massage features. Bathing doesn’t just have to be about cleaning yourself. While that’s the main point, you can also use your bathing time as an opportunity to relax and have a massage.
  • Self-cleaning technology. Some American Standard bathtubs have self-cleaning technology, meaning you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning every time you use the bath.

On top of these features, you can choose specific bath types. They are:

  • Deep soaking tubs
  • Massage tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Air baths.

I’ll discuss each type in greater detail below.

Deep Soaking Tubs

Deep soaking tubs are shorter than the average. However, they’re deeper, allowing the water to rise higher. Thankfully, American Standard offers deep soaking tubs to get up to your shoulders in water.

Although these tubs tend to be shorter than usual, you can sit on the molded seat for greater comfort.

Massage Tubs

Massage tubs are excellent if you want to experience a relaxing massage while bathing. With American Standard, you can choose a massage tub with quiet jet systems. So even though there are plenty of bubbles blowing around the water, there is barely any noise!

If feeling relaxed while bathing is essential, you should consider buying an American Standard massage tub from Southeastern Walk-In Tubs.

Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs are like massage tubs. They create large bursts of water, allowing you to relax and enjoy your bath. Not only are they excellent modes of relaxation, but they’re also excellent for relieving pain and stress. So whether you’ve had a long, tough day or want to relax, a whirlpool tub could be an excellent choice.

Air Baths

Air baths are like whirlpools and massage baths. But instead of shooting around water, they shoot air jets. Air baths are excellent if you want to relax in the tub after a stressful day. It’s also good if you are experiencing body aches or back pain.

3. Kohler Walk-In Tubs

Another walk-in bath brand to consider is Kohler. This company sells plenty of walk-in tubs, perfect for people with mobility issues. These tubs come with 3-inch steps, meaning they’re short enough for people who have difficulty walking and stepping into bathtubs.

Like the other tubs mentioned in this article, Kohler walk-in tubs come with massage features, so they’re excellent choices if you’re looking for relaxation. They also offer handrails that are easy to hold onto, making you less likely to fall or get injured.

The doors on these Kohler bathtubs are wide, so you won’t have to maneuver into the tub awkwardly—this makes it easy for anyone to enter them.

Here are some of the excellent features you can get with a Kohler walk-in tub:

  • Showerhead. Sometimes, you might want to rinse off in the bath. You can do this easily with a built-in showerhead in a Kohler bath. 
  • Heated backrest. You can enjoy the heated backrest feature of a Kohler tub, which will make you feel relaxed and well-rested while you read or lay in the bath.
  • Massage features. Like the other tubs mentioned, Kohler walk-in tubs also offer massage features (such as air jets).
  • Handrails. Handrails are essential in walk-in baths because you can hold onto them for extra support when entering or leaving the tub. Luckily, these are easy to grab onto, so your hands are unlikely to slip away. 

4. Ariel Walk-In Tubs

Ariel walk-in tubs are also decent choices. While they might not be as impressive as Boca tubs, they certainly get the job done and are safe to use. All Ariel walk-in tubs come with doors that you can open and close, making it easy to climb in and out. The tubs come with a molded seat so you can comfortably sit while you bathe.

There are different tubs available from Ariel. Unlike Boca, you can order a premade tub (i.e., they’re not customizable in the same way). For example, they have specific soaker and air baths available to buy.

The baths are slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about falling and injuring yourself. You can choose a standard bath or one with massage features, like the air baths. The baths can also come with handrails you can grab onto for a safer experience.

5. Ella Walk-In Tubs

Ella sells a wide variety of walk-in tubs, so you can likely find one that suits you. All tubs come with a door, and some are wider than others. So if you’re looking for one suitable for someone in a wheelchair, the Ella tub with a wider door would be a good choice.

While Ella sells basic walk-in bathtubs, you can also choose some add-ons. Some of them include:

  • Adjustable tray. If you like to have a drink when you bathe but never have anywhere safe to put the glass, you can buy an adjustable tray for an Ella bath. 
  • Heated seats. You could consider adding a heated seat to your Ella walk-in tub for ultimate relaxation.
  • Scents. Aromatherapy is another add-on to consider for your Ella tub.
  • Shower unit. If you already have a shower separate from a bath, you may not need this. But if you want to add a shower unit to your Ella bath, you can do just that! It makes it easy to rinse off before getting out of the bathtub.
  • Protective screens. You can consider installing protective glass screens on your Ella walk-in tub to avoid getting water everywhere.

Many Ella tubs also feature removable doors, making cleaning more manageable.

Features to Look For in a Good Walk-In Tub

Now that you know what the five best walk-in tubs of 2022 are, you might still not know what is essential in a walk-in tub. The specific features you should look out for will depend on your needs, but there are certain things that all decent walk-in tubs should have.

Let’s look at them below.

Low Step

Most importantly, walk-in tubs should have low steps, making them easy to climb. Generally, a step would be around 2-3 inches (5.08-7.62 cm) off the floor. If the step is too high, it will be more difficult for immobile people to enter.

So before purchasing a walk-in tub, ensure you’re aware of the step’s height. Luckily, Boca tubs come with 2-inch steps, and some of them are even smaller than this. So you certainly won’t have trouble getting into a Boca walk-in tub.

Easy-to-Open Door

The next thing to consider is the door. You want to ensure the tub door is easy to open and close. A stiff or jittery door will cause issues, particularly for people with mobility problems. Boca tubs feature sleek, easy-to-open doors, so this won’t be a problem with them.

You also want to make sure the door can hold in the water. The last thing you want is water to spill out, even when the door is entirely closed! 


Handrails are also essential in walk-in tubs because they give you something to hang onto so that you don’t slip and injure yourself. Ideally, a handrail should be near the tub door, so you can hold onto it as you enter. 

It’s also good to have a handrail near the tub’s seat. Handrails must be easy to grip onto—there’s no point having a railing that’s too slippy or too hot or cold. Boca walk-in tubs feature handrails that are super easy to grip.


A built-in seat in a walk-in bathtub is good because it’s generally safer for people with mobility problems. If a walk-in tub doesn’t have a seat, it can be challenging to get to the bottom of the tub without slipping or injuring yourself from bending over.

Look for a seat that provides you with maximum comfort. Many walk-in tubs with seats have added features like heating. This feature can make the experience even more enjoyable. 

Luxury Features

Luxury features aren’t necessary for everyone, but they improve the tub. Some luxury features you can add to certain walk-in tubs (including Boca tubs) include:

  • Self-cleaning features
  • Bidet
  • LED lights for light therapy
  • Bubbles and whirlpools
  • Extra heating
  • Speakers.

Many people like to add massage features, like bubbles, to their walk-in bathtubs because they can help with relaxation and body pain. While they’re not completely necessary, they will make your bathing experience more enjoyable.

Are Walk-In Baths the Safest?

Walk-in baths are the safest because, unlike traditional baths, you don’t have to climb over a tall panel. Instead, you can walk through a door, which is much safer. Walk-in baths are excellent for anyone with mobility issues, including those in wheelchairs. 

Climbing over a regular bathtub can be dangerous for mobile people, so it’s even more unsafe for people with mobility problems. Therefore, you should consider a walk-in tub if you or someone you live with has issues with moving and walking.