Stuart Brown

I am the president of Southeastern Tubs and have been in the home health business for 15 plus years, helping seniors navigate safe ways to “Age in Place.” I started Southeastern Tubs with the mission of treating people with dignity and respect, while at the same time offering customers an alternative from the large tub companies that take advantage of seniors with fake discounts and aggressive sales tactics. Being able to provide top-notch service is the number one goal I have for this company.

My partners and I genuinely care about our customers and are here as advocates in finding practical solutions to difficulties aging can present.

My wife and I live on Johns Island, enjoy cooking and entertaining with friends, and fishing and boating in the summer months.

I look forward to working with you and your loved ones as we come up with practical ways to make life safer, easier, and better for you.

Stuart Brown



 Mid-West Regional Manager for Southeastern Tubs Tod Trafelet.

Southeastern Walk-In Tubs

Southeastern Walk-In Tubs is a locally owned home access solutions company. We have over 65 years of combined DME, Home Health, Adaptive Home Remodeling, and Physical Therapy/ Neuro Rehabilitation Experience.

Southeastern Walk-In Tubs is dedicated to our families that are trying to safely stay in the home they know and love. Ten Thousand baby boomers are hitting the age of 70 plus every day for the next 15 years! Embracing the needs of baby boomers and individuals with specific mobility concerns has been the drive to build this long-lasting business in our community.

Most accidents in the home are stair or bathroom-related. We are determined to make our homes safe so our customers do not become a fall statistic.

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Thank you for considering Southeastern Walk-In Tubs as you research the process of home safety.