Frequently Asked Walk-in Tub Questions:

Walk-in tubs can take around eight minutes to fill or drain, leaving most of your body exposed over that time. One way to reduce this chilling is by purchasing a model with an heated seat. 

A walk-in tub provides safety and accessibility while a walk-in shower requires some physical action. Unlike the shower, which can be limiting in terms of movement when exiting due to its slippery surface, one has more independence with entering and bathing in a bathtub as they are able to sit down during use without any assistance from another person or equipment.

Medicare is pretty strict when it comes to what they cover. Walk-in bathtubs are not on the list of items Medicare will help patients pay for, but some medical equipment you may need is.

You’re in luck because walk-in baths are designed to fit the space occupied by traditional tubs. If your bathroom is big enough, there’s no doubt that you can fit one of these beautiful bathing pieces! The placement of where your door will be depends on what plumbing route it takes.

A walk-in tub is installed much the same as a regular bathtub, with features that seal up spaces so water can’t leak out. The door to the bathtub has an edge for sealing when closed. Also, the tub is not filled until the door closes tightly shut.

You need a 50-gallon water heater to fill your walk-in tub. Even if the bathtub is not that big, you still have to be able to fill it up with two thirds of hot water at least.

Yes, you can. We accept all major card types. AmEx, Master Card, Visa, and Discover.