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Walk-in Tubs for houses serve as the perfect addition for seniors and physically challenged members of the family. A Walk-in Tub is best for elderly people and other members of the family coping with physical challenges.

Walkin tubs in SC
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They installed a walk in tub. Great quality and great workmanship.

Why Choose Us Are Your Installer In Shiloh Estates?

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Owner Owned & Operated

Over 20 Years of Experience

Free Home

Owner Owned & Operated

Over 20 Years of Experience


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What Tubs To We Sell and Install?

  • Boca Walk-In Tubs
  • American Standard Walk-In Tubs
  • Tubs With Massage Jets
  • Tubs With Full-Body Deep Soak
  • Tubs With Outward Opening Door
Walk In Tub Company Near Me
Walk-in tub company near me
Walkin tubs in SC

A Little About Us

Our clients require quality, security, and self-reliance. Because our inception, we have addressed this call and recognized long-lasting relationships. We are the leading Walk-in Tub dealer and installation firm in Shiloh Estates, SC. Here are some of the primary reasons why a large number of individuals trust our services.

Our Walk-In Tubs In Shiloh Estates, SC Are Built To Fit In Any Home

Walk-in Tub Dealer and Installer

If you are seeking the ideal answer for boosting mobility in your residence, you’ve come to the correct location. Our extensive variety of Walk-In Tubs offers exceptional mobility aid at budget-friendly prices. We promise that the excellence of the setup and the tub itself will never be a concern for our respected patrons. Our p ledge is to offer a flawless experience, guaranteeing satisfaction right from the initial setup.

Walk In Tub Company in South Carolina

What Is The Tub Installation Process Like?

Walk-in Tub Company In Shiloh Estates

On the scheduled day of the installation, you can expect the walk-in tub installers to arrive for approximately 6 to 8 hours in totality. Of course, the exact time it takes depends greatly based on the amount of work needed to get the tub prepared for installation. If further tasks such as wall modifications, major plumbing adjustments, electrical work, or tile replacements are needed, the installation process may take longer.


However, if the installation proves to be easy and without complications, the time required could potentially be less. Our commitment is to offer cost savings to our clients, saving thousands of dollars with our straightforward approach that is geared towards truly helping our clients.


The initial step taken by the walk-in tub installers is to take out your existing bathtub. Once the bathtub has been properly removed, they can proceed with carrying out any needed changes, including structure alterations, platform construction, tile removal or installation, as well as major plumbing or electrical changes. Only once these tasks are finished will the real installation of the walk-in tub start.

Checkout The Tubs We Install

We are proud to be a walk-in tub dealer and installer here in Shiloh Estates, SC.
We carry the top names in tubs. We got you covered from head to toe.

Walk In Shower Installers in South Carolina
Walk In Shower Installers Near me
Walk In Shower Company Near me
Walk In Tub Company Near me
Walk In Tub Installer Near me
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swing out tubs southeastern walkin tubs

Features of The Walk-in Tubs We Offer In Shiloh Estates, SC

There a ton of therapeutic benefits of walk-in bathtubs. A warm bath is known for relaxing your body and much more. Here are the details of the benefits of our walk-in tubs for seniors:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase oxygen to the body
  • Alleviate depression
  • Soothe joints and muscles
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • More independence
  • Promote good blood circulation and heart health

This simple renovation is a great way to turn your existing bathroom into a safer place. In fact, it might become your favorite room in the house.

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying!

Based on 25 reviews
Larry Greene
Larry Greene
They did nothing but help me with everything I asked for great customer service and finished the job in a short amount of time and it came out amazing. My walk in tub looks great!! Would recommend to anyone
Yolanda Dawson
Yolanda Dawson
Purchased a Tub for my dad and he love it. Personally I'm very happy with the costumer service provided by Stuart who was very patience and answered all our questions. Tub was delivered on time and installed as promised.
Amy Payne
Amy Payne
Purchased a Tub for my dad and he love it. Personally I'm very happy with the costumer service provided by Stuart who was very patience and answered all our questions. Tub was delivered on time and installed as promised.
Edwin Russell
Edwin Russell
You guys definitely deserve a five-star review! Thanks for being so patient with us and answering all of our questions. We weren't sure it was going to fit but because of the frameless design it went in perfectly. We are so, so happy with it! We get so many compliments about how nice it looks in our bathroom. We should have got one sooner. This whole experience and your tub have really helped us and we could not be more grateful.
Ana Hunt
Ana Hunt
Very professional. Stuart explained everything to me and made sure I understood the purchase process and everything about operating the walk in tub. Using the tub is very relaxing! Very nice! Wonderful company with great support. Would recommend Southeastern Walk In Tubs anytime!
Sandra Nelson
Sandra Nelson
I am an 82-year-old retired engineer, who expects, the old fashion, Strong and Reliable American made quality product of years past. We all have gotten blinded by well know Companies, touting a low-priced product, listing lots of features plus free give-a-ways. I researched walk-in tubs for over 2 years, collecting and storing pictures and specifications, in my Microsoft One Note Program for later side by side comparisons. Southeastern Walk In Tubs, met and exceeded all my requirements! I purchased their Ultimate Walk-in tub model, with the following Optional features: 1. Heated Seat and Backrest 2. Aromatherapy 3. On/Off Push Controls 4. 4-Fold Bath Glass Screen Doors 5. Huntington Brass-Roman Tub Faucet w/Diverter to control my AFA Stainless Multi-Function Hand Held & Rain Head Shower System. To support the operation of my new walk in tub, I had my installation contractor perform the following plumbing modifications: 1. Two independent, 2 drain connections, attached directly to my 4-inch soil stack 2. ¾ inch Hot and Cold supply lines, attached directly to my tub filler 3. Replaced my 40-gallon hot water heater, with an 80-gallon hot water heater, plus an additional external heat booster, giving me an additional 45% hot water capacity, equaling now 120 gallons. This allows me to take an unlimited hot shower before taking a long hot soaking tub bath at the same time. To prevent the buildup of condensation I had my Contractor install a Humidity Sensing Bath Fan above my Walk-in tub. Onyx Surround was added to the wall around the tub area, to water proof & protect, plus make easy after bath clean-up.
Opal Carroll
Opal Carroll
Stuart and Todd were very knowledgeable, professional, and thurough in their presentation with very little pressure. They wanted us to feel comfortable, confident, and answered all of our questions. Can't wait to see the product solutions installed. I will add the final results after they install our walk in bathtub.
Gail Rose
Gail Rose
My wife and I recently got serious about procuring a walk-in tub after attending a home show in Charleston (SC). We got an estimate from a local company, and the cost was much higher than we anticipated. In searching on-line, I ran across a lot of positive comments about Southeastern Walk In Tubs, and I requested to be contacted by the company. Stuart (the owner) immediately called and pointed out all of the features available, and my wife and I was really impressed, especially with the relatively low cost compared to other vendors and the lifetime warranty on everything. We committed to a purchase within a day or so. We paid 50% upfront and the rest after the installation was complete. The tub was delivered and installed about 2 weeks after the initial payment. They delivered the tub on September 12 (2021) and worked diligently for about six hours, removing the old spa-like tub and installing the nice new shiny walk-in tub. The installers did an outstanding job, and it was amazing how quickly they carried out so much work. They were very competent and friendly and thoroughly explained the operations/features of the new tub before leaving. They also made sure to clean up before departing. Stuart and his installers made all of this so very straightforward – not to mention the cost which was significantly lower than others quoted. Overall, this was one of the best purchasing experiences of my 67 years!
Reba Freeman
Reba Freeman
I want to thank Southeastern Walk In Tubs for all of their hard work and honest approach to buying a Walk in Bath tub. I was asked to research a walk in Bath or shower for my great grandfather. He was 93 and struggled getting around without being in pain stemming from a plethora of health issues. We contacted several companies that were advertised in magazines and on tv for consultations, but I was hesitant with all of them as I didn’t want my grandparents to be taken advantage of. All of the companies seemed to be in it for the money and had no patience with me, it was a priority that my grandparents felt comfortable and at ease with who we were choosing. I contacted Southeastern Walk In Tubs and within 3 days Stuart the owner brought out a sample tub for my great grandfather to sit in, so we could discuss the right size for his body weight and height. Stuart explained all of the features and the ins and outs of this product in detail. He guided us through the whole process and most importantly didn’t pressure us. We decided on an air jet tub and couldn’t be more pleased with the price, quality, and most of all the integrity of the owner. They were in and out quickly and efficiently. Southeastern Walk In Tubs made us feel safe and confident in our purchase. It was refreshing to work with a company that truly cares about their customers. Our only regret is that we didn’t find them earlier.
Hector Hayes
Hector Hayes
We had wanted a walk in tub for many years, but cost prohibited us from doing this. A friend of ours posted on Facebook he had gotten a walkin tub for his wife. He referred us to Southeastern Walk In Tubs in Charleston and are very thankful he did. Stuart came to our house and did a professional presentation, and when he showed us the price we were SOLD. In less than 3 weeks Southeastern Walk IN Tubs installed our tub and had to do some remodeling, all included in our price. Needless to say they did a beautiful job installing our walk in bathtub and only took 2 days!! That isn't very long for all they had to do. We couldnt be happier with our new tub and it perfectly fits into our bathroom. They are such a great company and you can't beat their lifetime warranty.

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