Top 5 affordable walk-in tubs Brands 2022

Walk-in tubs provide extra safety features compared to traditional bathtubs, making them an essential appliance for those with limited mobility. Most feature a low step-in threshold, grab bars, textured surfaces, and integrated seats, all of which lower the risk of falls. Walk-in tubs can be expensive, often exceeding $10,000 in cost, but fortunately, there are many affordable brands on the market.

The top five affordable walk-in bathtub brands are Ella, Ariel, American Standard, AmeriGlide, and Empava. Each of these walk-in tub brands offer several models below $10,000. Most offer add-ons features, such as hydro or air jets, cushioned headrests, and swivel plates.

In this article, I’ll help you choose the best affordable walk-in tub brand by listing the top five companies. I’ll also list two of each brand’s most popular models, along with their specifications and features, as well as what to look for in a walk-in tub. Read on to learn more.

1. American Standard

American Standard offers various models of soaking, whirlpool, air, or combination walk-in bathtubs that can be customized to fit your specific needs and space requirements.

Though American Standard’s prices tend to be a bit higher than others on this list, they have several economy options available.

All of their tubs feature large walk-in doors with a low threshold, built-in ADA-compliant seating, dimensions for deep (shoulder-height) soaking, and an optional Quick Drain water removal system.

Best American Standard Walk-In Tub Models

Gelcoat Entry Series SSA4828LA-BC

The Gelcoat Entry Series SSA4828LA-BC is an economy model that provides a luxury bathing experience while using less water. It’s priced around $5,000, making it more affordable than some options, though costlier than other walk-in tubs on this list.

Because of its compact dimensions of 48-inches (122 cm) long and 28-inches (71 cm) wide, it can easily fit in confined spaces. If your space is a bit bigger, but you’re set on this particular model, you can retrofit it using the included tub extender.

The full-sized inward swinging door makes it easy to maneuver in and out, thanks to its low step-in threshold. Additionally, American Standard offers a lifetime warranty on the door seal, allowing you to order a replacement if it should ever leak.

This model comes with an air spa system, featuring air jets for a gentle massage.

Durability comes in the form of a freestanding metal frame with adjustable leveling feet. The shell is made with acrylic and features fiberglass reinforcement for extra strength. The outer coating is a stain-resistant high-gloss, providing a beautiful design suitable for any bathroom.

Safety features include a color-matched safety bar and a textured floor surface.

Cost~ $5,000
Tub TypeSoaking
Dimensions48 x 28-Inch
Step-In HeightLow
Door StyleInward Swing
Water Capacity45 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
WarrantyLifetime Warranty on Door Seal; 10 Years on The Tub Shell; 5 Years on Components

Gelcoat Value Series 2848.409.SRL-PC

Another American Standard economy walk-in tub is the Gelcoat Value Series. Though a bit pricey at around $5,500, the cost is still much lower than other models on the market.

This model measures 30-inches (76 cm) wide and 52-inches (132 cm) long. Its small size means that it’s easily fitted into small spaces and uses less water. Like the Gelcoat Entry Series, it comes with an extender kit for retrofitting, if needed.

The fast-fill faucet and Quick Drain technology mean no more long wait times for the tub to fill and drain. The best part is that the Quick Drain feature doesn’t require additional plumbing — it simply uses a pump to push water out in minutes.

The safety features of this model include a textured floor, tub-mounted grab bar, and a low entry threshold. 

Cost~ $5,500
Tub TypeSoaking
Dimensions30 x 52
Step-In HeightLow
Door StyleOutward Swing
Water Capacity45 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
WarrantyLifetime Warranty on Door Seal; 10 Years on The Tub Shell; 5 Years on Components

Pros of American Standard Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • American Standard offers a limited lifetime warranty on installation and labor.
  • The customer reviews are mostly favorable.
  • Each walk-in tub has a variety of customizable features available.

Cons of American Standard Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • The seat height on several models makes it difficult to achieve water levels higher than chest height.
  • American Standard offers no FAQ section on their website.

2. Ella’s Bubbles

Ella’s Bubbles has been well-known walk-in bathtub brand since 2005. Today, the company offers over twenty different models, from economy options to luxury baths. Many of their models come with their patented dual-drain technology, which provides faster draining time, reducing the risk of chilling as users wait for the tub to empty.

All of Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tubs are made of acrylic and feature adjustable foot and calf jets. These jets are positioned within the footwell of the tub, allowing users to sit in the tub for a foot massage without having to fill the entire bath.

The best part about Ella’s Bubbles is the option to add additional features, including different jetting options, shower screens, heated seats, head support, seat risers, and more. Not only that, but Ella’s Bubbles offers customization for customers to guarantee that the tub meets their specific needs.

Best Ella Walk-In Tub Models

Ella’s Bubbles features over twenty different walk-in tub models. Below, we’ll examine two of their most affordable options.

Ella Monaco Walk-In Bathtub

The Monaco Walk-In Bathtub costs can range from $4,000 and up, depending on the add-ons you choose, if any.

This particular model measures 32-inches (81 cm) wide and 52-inches (132 cm) long. The integrated 23-inch (58 cm) wide seat accommodates bathers of all sizes and is ideal for those who prefer a bathing experience with more room for movement.

Its U-shaped outward swinging door doesn’t restrict movement when entering and exiting the tub, making for a safer bathing experience. The door is constructed of PVC composite featuring a tempered glass cover to conceal the mechanical door lock system and match the glossy acrylic finish of the tub’s shell.

Beneath the shell is a stainless steel frame reinforced with fiberglass to provide additional durability.

It has a fill rate of 16 gallons per minute (GPM), depending on your particular plumbing system.

The tub itself is a soaker type, but you can add air and hydro jetting options, as well as a fast-fill faucet if desired.

Cost~ $4,000+
Tub TypeSoaking
Dimensions32″W x 52″L (81cm x 132cm)
Step-In Height5 inch
Door StyleOutward Swing
Water Capacity95 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Parts Warranty, Non-Transferable

Ella Elite Walk-In Bathtub

The Elite is a standard-sized walk-in tub and is one of Ella Bubbles’s best and most popular models. The price of this model ranges from around $4,000 and up, with the final price depending on add-ons, if any.

This walk-in bathtub’s dimensions are 30-inches (76 cm) wide and 52-inches (132 cm) in length. It comes equipped with an integrated, ADA-compliant, 22-inch (56 cm) seat, making it a suitable choice for most bathers. It has a stainless steel frame with adjustable leveling legs, making it a durable choice.

Its U-shaped, inward swinging door is made with brushed stainless steel and features frosted tempered glass. Combined with the white glossy acrylic shell, the overall design is sleek and modern.

The low step-in threshold, textured floor, and wall and deck-mounted bars make this tub safe for standing, sitting, bathing, entering, and exiting.

With this tub, you’ll receive a removable swivel tray to hold a book, phone, or other accessories as you relax and soak.

Cost~ $4,000+
Tub TypeSoaking
Dimensions30″ x 52″ (76cm x 132cm)
Step-In Height4 inch
Door StyleInward Swing
Water Capacity80 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Parts Warranty, Non-Transferable

Pros of Ella Bubbles Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • Ella’s Bubbles offers free quotes for tubs and installation.
  • There are in-home consultations available.
  • If you own the tub, you’ll receive free technical support.
  • Ella’s Bubbles offers various payment and financing options.

Cons of Ella Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • Ella’s Bubbles does have affordable walk-in tubs, but many of their models are higher priced than others on this list.

3. Ariel

Ariel has been in the bathroom appliances market since 1987. Today, they’re best known for selling bathtubs, walk-in tubs, whirlpools, toilets, and other bathroom accessories.

The company combines European engineering, American-based designs, and Asian manufacturing to create high-quality walk-in bathtubs at competitive prices.

You can find Ariel tubs via their website or in home improvement and big-box stores such as Home Depot and Walmart, allowing you to choose from a variety of return options based on where you purchase their products.

Ariel offers a variety of cost-effective walk-in bathtub options, along with tub and shower combinations. The company sells tubs with ADA-compliant bars for safety and ADA-compliant jets for comfort.

Best Ariel Walk-In Tub Models

Ariel 3060 Dual

The Ariel 3060 Dual Walk-In Tub costs around $3,000 and is 30-inches (76 cm) wide and 60-inches (152 cm) long. It features an ADA-compliant 17-inch (43 cm) tall and 23-inch (58 cm) wide contoured seat for additional comfort.

It comes with a handheld showerhead and beautiful Roman faucets. And, because it’s a “dual” model, it offers both jetting and air features, including 18 air jets and 6 adjustable whirlpool jets.

Its freestanding stainless steel frame is durable and comes equipped with adjustable leveling feet. The inward swinging door is reinforced with steel, and the outer shell is coated with high-gloss triple gel and a reinforced fiberglass coating.

The safety grab bar, low step-in threshold, and textured bottom offer additional safety.

Cost~ $3,000
Tub TypeDual
Dimensions30″ W x 60″ D x 37″ H
Step-In HeightLow
Door StyleInward Swing
Water Capacity89 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
WarrantyOne-Year Limited Parts Warranty, Non-Transferable

Ariel Walk-In Bathtub with Air Jets

The Ariel Walk-In Bathtub with Air Jets is part of the Ariel Air series. It costs around $2,500, making it one of the most affordable options on this list.

The bathtub dimensions are 54-inches (137 cm) wide and 30-inches (76 cm) long. It comes equipped with an integrated ADA-compliant contoured seat that’s 17-inches (43 cm) tall and 23-inches (58 cm) wide. The reinforced stainless steel frame features a fiberglass resin coating for additional durability and protection.

Ariel’s Walk-In Bathtub with Air Jets features an in-line water heater and 18 air jets. The air jets make this tub an excellent option for bathers who find hydro jets too strong. Users control the air jets using a pneumatic push control.

Safety features include a reinforced door, textured anti-slip surface, and a safety bar.

Cost~ $2,500
Tub TypeDual
Dimensions53.5″ W x 29.2″ D x 37.8″ H
Step-In HeightLow
Door StyleInward Swing
Water Capacity82 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
WarrantyOne-Year Limited Parts Warranty, Non-Transferable

Pros of Ariel Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • Ariel’s walk-in tubs are wheelchair and walker accessible.
  • The company offers over 20 different tub configurations.
  • Their prices are considerably lower than competitors.
  • Ariel provides a simple aesthetic on all models.

Cons of Ariel Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • The price of Ariel walk-in tubs does not include installation costs.
  • Ariel does not offer installation services or consultations.
  • Its one-year warranty is significantly shorter than other brands.

4. AmeriGlide

AmeriGlide is renowned for its stair lifts, but they also produce luxury walk-in bathtubs at a very competitive price, with some models going for less than $2,000.

What’s so great about AmeriGlide is that they base their prices on dimensions, features, and their customers’ specific needs. Additional add-ons are available, and all pricing is visible and transparent.

AmeriGlide provides stainless steel frames on all models. Depending on which one you choose, it may be made of either acrylic or fiberglass. Their Sanctuary Walk-In Tubs come with a limited warranty on the tub and its components.

All of AmeriGlide’s walk-in bathtubs are made with safety in mind.

Best AmeriGlide Walk-In Tub Models

Sanctuary Full Bather Walk-In Tub

The Sanctuary Full Bather Walk-In Tub costs around $2,500, making it an affordable option for those on a budget (or those who don’t need as many additional features). The 30-inch (76 cm) by 60-inch (152 cm) tub easily fits into most bathtub spaces.

Its inward swinging door and low step-in threshold make entering and exiting effortless. Upon entering, users can comfortably sit on the 17-inch (43 cm) ADA-compliant contoured seat.

Strong and durable, the Sanctuary Full Bather Walk-In Tub features a stainless steel frame, adjustable feet, and fiberglass construction with a gel-coated finish.

Cost~ $2,500
Tub TypeSoaking
Dimensions30″ W x 60″ L x 22″ H
Step-In Height3 inch
Door StyleInward Swing
Water Capacity50 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
WarrantyLifetime door seal warranty, a 10-year tub unit warranty, a 5-year pump and motor warranty, and a 1-year faucet warranty. 

Sanctuary Medium Wheelchair Access Walk-In Tub

Another Sanctuary model from AmeriGlide is the Sanctuary Medium Wheelchair Access Walk-In Tub. This luxurious model offers the same look, feel, and comfort level as the original Sanctuary, although with an outward opening door and seat profile. However, the cost is a bit higher — though still affordable — around $4,900.

The seat profile and 21-inch (53 cm) height make sliding in easy, especially for those who use a wheelchair or walker. Safety features include a low step-in threshold of 6.5-inches (17 cm) and a built-in grab bar.

It features a stainless steel frame, adjustable leveling feet, and comes with a variety of air and jet options.

Cost~ $4,900
Tub TypeSoaking/Wheelchair Accessible
Dimensions29″W x 53″ L x 42″ H
Step-In Height6.5 inch
Door StyleOutward Swing
Water Capacity70-80 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
WarrantyLifetime door seal warranty, a 10-year tub unit warranty, a 5-year pump and motor warranty, and a 1-year faucet warranty. 

Pros of AmeriGlide Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • All door seals come with a lifetime warranty.
  • AmeriGlide offers a five-year warranty on the pump and motor.
  • The company offers excellent pricing and installation costs.

Cons of AmeriGlide Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • Their walk-in tubs are constructed with fiberglass, which isn’t as durable as acrylic.
  • The 6.5-inch threshold is higher than other brands on the market.

5. Empava

A lesser-known brand, Empava offers walk-in bathtubs created by Empava Appliances, a family-owned and operated company. 

Empava provides walk-in bathtubs, including both air and whirlpool options. Their modern, innovative designs make them an ideal choice for those looking for a tub that easily fits in with most bathroom decor.

Perhaps the best part about Empava (aside from their affordable pricing) is that they offer extended warranties, a decent return policy, and friendly customer service.

Best Empava Walk-In Tub Models

Empava 53 In. Walk-In Whirlpool Bathtub – EMPV-53WIT02

The Empava 53-Inch Walk-In Whirlpool Bathtub offers luxury at an affordable price point. At around only $3,200, you’ll receive a walk-in tub featuring ten hydrotherapeutic jets. 

This easy-to-clean model is designed with acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass. The stainless steel frame allows it to bear up to 440-pounds (200 kg) of weight.

Its ADA-compliant seating sits lower than other walk-in tubs, allowing bathers to submerge themselves up to their shoulders, allowing for optimal relaxation and soaking. It comes with a handheld showerhead and the option to include a cushioned headrest.

Safety features include an extra-wide door, 4-inch (10 cm) step-in threshold, a surrounding handrail, and an interior grab bar.

Cost~ $3,200
Tub TypeWhirlpool
Dimensions53 L x 27 W x 42 H
Step-In Height~4 inch
Door StyleInward Swing
Water Capacity94 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
Warranty3 years, on limited parts

Empava Soaking Walk-In Tub

The Empava Soaking Walk-In Tub is one of the most affordable models on this list, coming in at around $2,500. It’s a relatively simple design, perfect for bathers looking for walk-in bathtubs without much complexity.

This freestanding walk-in tub has a steel frame, and the outer shell is made of white acrylic. The glossy finish allows it to blend in with all home decor. It features an inward swinging door, making entering and exiting a breeze.

It has a high capacity of 94 gallons, allowing users to submerge themselves up to their shoulders.

Safety features include a low entry threshold, an outer handrail, a grip bar inside, and an integrated, ADA-compliant seat.

Cost~ $2,500
Tub TypeSoaking
Dimensions52.5 L x 26.5 W x 40 H
Step-In Height~4 inch
Door StyleInward Swing
Water Capacity94 gallon
ADA CompliantYes
Warranty5 years, on limited parts

Pros of Empava Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • Empava has a very low step-in threshold on all models.
  • The brand offers very affordable options with luxurious features.
  • High water capacity makes it possible to fill higher than other brands.

Cons of Empava Brand Walk-In Tubs

  • Each model has a different warranty, with some short, limited part warranties.
  • There are a limited number of options available.
  • Some customers complain about fill time.

Choosing a Walk-In Tub

When choosing a walk-in bathtub, there are several things to consider. Once you know more about each brand and model, it’ll make the decision-making process much easier.

Let’s look at these considerations more in-depth.

Cost of Walk-In Tubs

Before shopping for a walk-in tub, have a general budget in mind. Also, remember that you’ll need to consider the price of the tub itself as well as installation costs.

While browsing, check the features of the bathtub. Some companies have a base price for the tub alone with add-ons (such as whirlpool or air jets) significantly impacting the overall cost.

Size of Walk-In Tubs

Not only do you need a tub that fits in your current bathroom, but you also need one that fits you. If you’re larger-than-average, you may need to opt for a bariatric walk-in tub. Fortunately, there are hundreds of these models on the market, and affordable options are available.

If possible, write down the dimensions of your current shower or bathtub and compare it against any walk-in tubs you’re considering. This makes it easier to rule out walk-in tubs that won’t fit based on size.

Also, you’ll want to look at the weight capacity, seat height and width, and the length, width, and depth of the tub to determine if the tub is right for you. For example, a 22-inch (56 cm) seat width may be suitable for the average-size adult, but those with larger hips may need a bigger seat to avoid discomfort.

Drain Side

An often overlooked consideration when searching for a walk-in tub is the side that the drain is on. You’ll need to ensure that you’re purchasing a tub with a drain that’s on the same side as your current model. If not, you’re going to end up paying extra plumbing costs. Fortunately, most walk-in tubs come with the option to choose a left or right-side drain.

Safety Features and Accessibility

To reduce the risk of falls and ensure a safe and comfortable bathing experience, you’ll want to opt for tubs that offer several safety options. Your walk-in tub should offer:

  • Low entry threshold
  • Grab bars
  • Textured tub surface
  • ADA-compliant seating
  • Leak-proof doors

Additional safety features that may increase cost include overheating protection and extra-wide doors for wheelchair accessibility.

Speaking of accessibility, you must ensure that the size of the seat and door width meet your needs. Unfortunately, you can’t usually try a tub before purchase. However, you can check the dimensions of the product beforehand. For wheelchair users, an outward swinging door is a must.

Return Policy and Warranties

If you’re shopping online for an affordable walk-in bathtub, then you’ll have to rely on the specifications listed on the website. While it’s ideal to visit a brick-and-mortar store to try out floor models, this isn’t always a feasible option.

Not being able to view the model in person is precisely why it’s important to opt for a walk-in tub manufacturer that offers a reasonable return policy. That way, if the tub isn’t what you expected or doesn’t suit your needs, you can send it back for a refund or exchange.

The best way to ensure a decent return policy is by purchasing your walk-in tub from a local retailer that sells your desired brand. Stores generally have far better return policies than manufacturers.

Before committing to a purchase, read through the return policy and its entirety. Only purchase from companies offering a reasonable return window and watch out for hidden costs associated with returns, such as shipping or restocking fees.

Finally, in terms of warranties, you should opt for a brand that provides a long-term warranty. At the very least, purchase a walk-in tub that features a lifetime warranty on the door’s seal to ensure a safe, waterproof tub. For the shell, look for at least a five-year warranty.